End to end RC scale models production

From idea to prototype. From blueprint to product. Reverse engineering. Really does not matter. My speciality is to deliver the best suitable solution for every single problem you have. I am actively racing with the RC cars, flying for fun with many types of planes. It's just fun. For all of these I purchased or build many machines. I had to develop many partnerships, because not everying is economical to have in-house. This is what I can provide. End to end solution for almost everyting.

RC Rally

I always wanted to try something new. I purchased the XV 01 chasis from Tamiya back in 2015. It was very clear that this is very solid and rigid entry-level chasis for rally. What is by the way very funny category as you have to run behind the car. Watch out! It did not took a long and I started with modifications what ended up with completely rebuild chasis. It is my absolute bestseller. Please don't hesitate to ask for one. I also developed damper stays for any meaningful length. They are all made from industry-grade carbon fiber sheet. I am also able to made very cost-effective variant from glass-fiber sheet or EN AW 7075 - aircraft aluminium alloy. But time is goin' on, so there is no need to stick to one specific chasis. I also produced plenty of XRAY modifications. T3s, XB4's conversion kits. I also made many parts for the chasis I never saw or even heard about. That is part of my job too.

RC Airplanes

I love the freedom of flying. In any form. That's why I started fluing by myself on paraglide. But that's very different story. I made many planes of many categories for my own pleasure. I made plenty of them even for someone else pleasure. That is what I can provide.